Diversity and Inclusion at Borgess Health

Borgess Health is committed to increasing awareness of and sensitivity to diversity within its organizations and to actively promoting greater diversity within the staff, management, and Trustees of the organization. Today we are called to provide Healthcare that Works, Healthcare that is Safe, and Healthcare that Leaves No One Behind.

To this end, Borgess Health is dedicated to fostering an environment that facilitates increased understanding of and appreciation for the diverse background of each and every individual. Our commitment to the celebration of diversity is rooted in a profound respect for the dignity of each human being. We will be recognized as the employer of first choice for a diversified group of employees. Additionally, we will encourage awareness of diversity and inclusiveness among physicians, patients, vendors, and local business and civic leaders.

Our workforce is evolving to reflect the diversity of our patients. By employing associates who understand the health beliefs and practices prevalent in the community, we can help patients feel more welcome and better understood.

We also ask associates to better appreciate each other's differences and similarities. This is why we highlight different cultural aspects of diversity, providing associates with the opportunity to learn from – and grow with – one another.

Borgess Health has a priority focus on seven key goals that drive Borgess Health's diversity and inclusiveness strategy. Each of the goals target specific actions that advance a strategy of creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

  • Commitment and Accountability
  • Training and Education
  • Recruitment
  • Retention and Development
  • Communication
  • Community Partner
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Measurement and Evaluation

Borgess Health is committed to providing a diverse health care environment.

Our Cultural Competency Model improves awareness, knowledge, and enhances skills and behaviors that assist associates with understanding human differences that fosters respect for all individuals.

Chief Diversity Office
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